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Sunday 31st May 2015

2015 Winners - John Abel & Martyn Taylor, Sunbeam Tiger

Full Final Results as a PDF:  Hughes Rally Final Results

On the Documents page are the Roadbook, Route Cards and full Route Maps

Click here for ON-LINE RESULTS available during the event.

Once again the Hughes Historic Rally will be a round of the HRCR Clubmans Rally Championship and our plan is to base the rally near Ashford as we did for the 2014 event.

There will also be the Hughes Club Rally, which can be entered by Blackpalfrey members who do not hold a National B Competition Licence. 

Start and Finish will again be at the Ashford Town Football Club's Homelands Stadium, 3 miles south of Ashford, Kent. 

Golden Anniversary Hughes Historic Rally on Sunday 31st May

Round 5 of the HRCR Clubmans Rally Championship has plenty of entry places available at the time of writing, so there’s sill time to grab an entry by entering your details at the website

This year the popular Kentish event will give prominence to the older cars, not only by using a class based test penalty system similar to that trialled by the Tour of Cheshire in March, but also by running the cars in age order, older cars first rather than seeding the most likely winners at the head of the field. Blackpalfrey Motor Club’s clerk of the course Andy Gibson says “This will have distinct advantages, firstly we will not be asking a probable winner to wake up the marshals by being first at each control, and secondly it will help public relations by not sending all of the most impatient drivers together at the head of the field to possibly alarm the public road users and residents before the more sedate drivers arrive. We do have some great special tests planned at a new park venue, but none will be long enough for any driver to worry about being baulked by a car running a minute ahead. Our usual regularity section penalty scheme which restricts large errors will also apply and all crews get a Joker to loose their worst lateness penalty.”

The Hughes Club Rally will again be running over the same route, doing all the same regularity and tests, but being on a Targa Rally clubman permit, non-historic compliant cars may compete and competition licences are not required, just Blackpalfrey membership cards, which only cost a tenner for the year if not already a member.

As usual, Tim Adams is coordinating the marshals, so should you be free on the 31st and wish to volunteer your services, please contact him today on 01322 277219.

As 2015 sees the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Blackpalfrey Motor Club and the very first Hughes Rally, each competitor will receive a special Golden Anniversary gift. 

Supplementary Regulations are now published on the Documents page.

The on-line Web Entry System is accessible from the Entries page.

On-line Results  - results for the event will appear here during the day.